ESB like Fuller’s

I forgot to mention this; my last batch of beer was great. I made an ESB using a Redhook clone that I took some liberties with. It was great. I used White Labs Edinburgh Yeast, which gave it a more anglo-like flavor. I might be embellishing, but it really was of the quality of Fuller’s. I only wish it wasn’t gone. I’ll be keeping the recipe.

The batch was named Lefthook, here’s the label

Camping with Friends

I’m recovering from this past weekend still. I was camping at Staircase with the First Floor crew. It was a great time with nearly all the usual suspects. We played around the campsite, climbed on rocks, threw rocks at each other, rode John’s bike, ate hot dogs, and drank beer. Feel free to peruse the pictures.

Tasty Bits of metal

Tonight we had Tastey Biteson steamed rice. It was an easy, quick dinner, and I thought it was good (mmmm, spinich). Michelle found a small screw. Talk about crazy. She’s going to write them, and I hope that they give us a year’s supply of it. Its great for camping.

Happy Easter!

Liebe und Frieda – love & peace. Christianity at its best.

Kathy and Michelle are in the kitchen making our easter feast. Barley and I are tired from the park. Its a beautiful day, and I feel very happy.

I’ve added pictures of Michelle and my trip to Manzanita, and from when Meghan & Troy visited. Feel free to check them out.

Tomorrow is the first day of the term. Should be busy.

Forgot that part..

Today my coworker and I installed the new Student Multimedia (formerly production) Lab computers at Rock Creek. I say computers because we forgot to bring the scanners, and the bail of cat-5 we brought for network cable turned out to be cat-3. Oh well. Guess we’ll be back tomorrow.

Rock Creek is a nice campus; very bucholic, nice and green. However, you have to drive on Hwy 26 to get there. Hwy 26 is an awful stretch of road with sprawl around it. I couldn’t work at RC because I’d have to drive on 26 each day, and with all the traffic, I’d go insane. Sprawl is bad. Tell your congress person.

I’m going to be tutoring tonight. I haven’t tutored on the side since middle/high school. I liked it then, and I’m probably better now. If you need tutoring, contact me :) I do Mac and PC.

Unacceptable Down Time

Sorry for the downtime. We had very dear friends visiting, and I was considerate enough to turn off my computer so they could sleep peacefully. Thank goodness no one pays me to serve.

Michelle and I just spent a wonderful weekend in Manzanita, OR. The weather was perfect, and we had sun until Sunday as we were leaving. The cabins were amazing, and we were lucky enough to check in early because we found out they had forgot to mark us in the book, and were just about to give our cabin to someone else. They even gave us some truffles as a ‘we’re sorry’ gift.

Michelle is on break this week, but I’m busier than I’ve been for a while, and loving it. I’m installing new computers in the PCC libraries that have all the software any student could want. Its been a fun project, but I’ll be glad its over.

Excited about windows?

Yes, Today I was excited to finally upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional. It only took 6 months of crashing to get an upgrade. Hopefully now when I have more than 3 applications open and something happens (i.e. new mail) I won’t have to restart. Now I can print in the office across the hall instead of the printer in the back circ office. Simple pleasures are the best.

I need to look in to redirecting on this server because I’m getting lots of Nimda style requests for cmd.exe. Stupid IIS, Stupid Microsoft. These are just from people on my @home network, many of whom don’t know they have the virus. Hopefully they will be split up, and they will start making secure products. Hopefully they’ll collapse upon themselves and Apple will finally get recognition. Hopefully it will slow cookies and cream.

I’m going to Manzanita, OR with Michelle for the weekend. It should be nice, even with the rain. Enjoy your weekend.

IBU Calculator & Why I need to take more classes

I want to make an IBU calculator for predicting the bitterness (yes, bitterness is good) of my beers. There are plenty of quick tips in the brewing books out there, but I don’t want to have to open a book. And I want to learn to use php to do it.

I found this java applet that accomplishes the same thing. I could use it and give up this dream, but what fun would that be? We’ll see if I ever get around to it.

Word from Scott is that the wort has reached high krausen. Excellent.

Brew News

Scott wants to help work on the Homebrew U site. I’ve moved it onto this server, so you can check it out if you want to. Now that its local, and I can do and say whatever I want, things will improve.

Scott and I also each brewed a batch of beer yesterday. He did an IPA, and I tried a Redhook clone recipe. I used Edinburgh yeast from White Labs to give it a full body. I’m quite excited because we’re going to take the two batches camping in April with our First Floor friends.

We made a wort chiller out of 20 feet of 3/8″ coppor tubing for about $18. It worked much better than we anticipated, and it shortened the wort cooling time down by about 90%. Some of the best $18 I’ve ever spent. You can buy one for $60 if you’d rather.

Homebrew U

I just finished CAS 111 – Intro to Dreamweaver. I’ve used almost every other editor, but I can now say that I love Dreamweaver. Its smarter, cooler, and now that I’m used to it, sexier than any other editor.

My final project was to create a fully functioning site using all the skills I learned. I created the skeleton of a home brewing site because I have hopes that my friend Scott and I can beef it up, and even attract visitors.

It was really rewarding to actually take a class for something computer related becaue it made me slow down and look at all the features rather than quickly hunt and pick up bits as I needed them. Now all I need is the drive to rebuild this page. We’ll see..