New Phones

Michelle and I updated our mobile phone plan with AT&T because of “family” plan that allows us to add a second phone for $9/month. This is great, but the big news is bluetooth. Yup, finally. I just need to wait for my dongle (he he) to arrive. Then I can sync my addresses, calendar, and get a good ring-tone.

It took nearly 48 hours for Michelle’s phone number to be transferred due to the volume of changes this weekend, and a slight cock-up on AT&T’s part. But now its working, and I think we’re set. The deals seem too good, and we’re waiting for something to go wrong. Go wrong? With a phone company? right….

First Thanksgiving

Michelle and I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner. It went much smoother than expected, and was a great deal of fun. Her mom, brother and my sister all came down for dinner, and hung around afterwards.

I suspect the free-range, anti-biotic free turkey has a much higher level of L-Tryptophan than standard turkey-like creatures. It was a great bird though, and there’s plenty left over for cran-turkey sandwiches.


One of the good things about isorithms in representing elevation is that they don’t make mountains look so much like anuses.

mt_or_anus (6k image)

Here’s a pre-isorithm drawing of a mountain. See what I mean.

RFK Jr. – One caring guy

“Gore’s failure was he didn’t embrace the thing he genuinely cared about — he didn’t have the confidence to do that. Instead, he felt he had to prove his competence in all these other areas, to master the minutiae of every other issue. And Americans don’t care about that.

I mean, look at George W. Bush — he knows nothing about any issue. He doesn’t seem to have a single complex thought in his head or shred of curiosity. I mean, he claims he doesn’t even watch the news or read newspapers. But people find something kind of charming and trustworthy about his manner — and that’s all they need.”

from Save the Earth – Dump Bush with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

One underage driver

One underage driver asks another to go warm up her car. Young girl #2 goes to the friends car, starts it, decides its a good time to “try driving.” Young Girl #2 becomes underage driver #2, but only for a short time before becoming uninsured car wrecking hooligan. Uninsured car wrecking hooligan collides with employee eating lunch in her car, and tries to drive away. Uninsured car wrecking hooligan hits another car, then another. Employee eating lunch eventually stops uninsured car wrecking hooligan from driving away, but not until 5 cars have been damaged.

Pissed off younger sister finds that her car is sandwiched between two other cars, and her bumper is barely hanging on. You see, uninsured car wrecking hooligan hit one car with such force that it pushed into pissed off younger sister’s car, then into car on the other side of pissed off younger sister’s car. Uninsured car wrecking hooligan hopefully learns valuable lesson and is never allowed on anything with wheels again, and pissed off younger sister hopes that the state required her to insure against uninsured motorists along with her liability coverage. Pissed off younger sister may not get to come down to tall dark and handsome brother and law school riddled brained sister-in-law’s for thanksgiving.

Really though, who hits 4 more cars trying to flee the scene?

Ben’s Funeral

This weekend we said goodbye to Ben. It was my first funeral, and was a surprisingly helpful experience. The service wasn’t personally that helpful, but seeing his photos and being with friends and family really made the loss real. I’m not sure I share the same sentiments as everyone, but as far as death goes, it wasn’t as difficult as it could have been. The reason it wasn’t that difficult was because of Ben himself. He lived well, he lived full, and he lived without damaging our souring his relationships. He didn’t leave a tangle of problems, and he certainly didn’t leave with a bundle of regrets.