RFK Jr. – One caring guy

“Gore’s failure was he didn’t embrace the thing he genuinely cared about — he didn’t have the confidence to do that. Instead, he felt he had to prove his competence in all these other areas, to master the minutiae of every other issue. And Americans don’t care about that.

I mean, look at George W. Bush — he knows nothing about any issue. He doesn’t seem to have a single complex thought in his head or shred of curiosity. I mean, he claims he doesn’t even watch the news or read newspapers. But people find something kind of charming and trustworthy about his manner — and that’s all they need.”

from Save the Earth – Dump Bush with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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  1. here’s another Gem:

    “If you read the American Heritage Dictionary definition of fascism, it says “the domination of a government by corporations of the political right, combined with bellicose nationalism.” Well, we’re seeing that today.”

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