Move Succesful

If you’re reading this, you’re reading it on’s server. Updates may be sparse.

I bought tickets to the 2003 String Summit. Should be cool with pickers like Jerry Douglass and Old and in the Grey.

Moving – Rooftop Unavailable for Comment

I’m moving over the weekend, and it’s going to take a week or so until I get cable hooked up at the new place. In the meantime, this site may or may not be available. I’m using Fugu to put a copy of my site on my friend’s server. Its definately going to be a stripped down version of the site for a few days.

The process of moving has brought a couple things to my attention:

  1. Moving out sucks, Moving in is fun
  2. I keep some weird stuff
  3. Some people stand to benefit from moving. ahem, non-refundable pet despot…I mean deposit
  4. Gathering boxes is a cutthroat endevor. Some people are serious about them.
  5. Spackle works much better than mint toothpaste for filling holes, Kelman

Michelle visits the heartland

Michelle and I just got back from Hastings, Nebraska. We went back for my cousin’s wedding and a subsequent family reunion. It was Michelle’s first trip to the midwest, and she survived the deluge of names of family members.

We also got a free pair of roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the lower 48 for being overbooked. We also got a free night in Denver, Colorado along with free dinner and free breakfast. It was a good deal if you ask me.

My sister took photos at the wedding – her first gig as a photographer. She’s not so hot on the idea of being an event photographer, but how do you say no to relatives?

Michelle also got to see her first “real” thunderstorm. It was great. One bolt of lightning nearly seared my retinas, and my eyes were closed!

Last weekend

This was the last weekend in our apartment. Cool.

My parents and sister just got back from a trip to the Southwest. The transmission on the Dub went out in Bliss, Idaho. The Dub, named for my great uncle (Percy Wayne > PW > PeeDub > Dub) had nearly finished it’s third trip to the desert. It’ll rejoin my parents at home when the repair shop in Bliss can find a way to rebuild or replace it. Good luck Dub.

dub at night - Bryce Canyon

Beaverton Farmer’s Market

Today we made a trip to the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. It was very lively, and an odd break in the clouds made for some wonderful colors. I would have taken my camera, but I thought we were going downtown to the Saturday Market (yawn).

We picked up some herbs and vegetable plants that we’ll have to thin until we move in. We finally heard back from the landlord today after a week of calls. We’ll be moving in on the first for sure now. We can finally tell our overly interested landlord as well. As the pictures come down, the boxes fill up, and the papers get shredded, an odd feeling comes over you. Sadness, anxiety, laziness? Who knows. Its hard though. I can’t imagine how Alan was able to part with 1/4 ton of stuff.

It started raining again, then hailing. We’re talking dime size stones. That’s unusual for out here. Pretty normal for Wyoming, but bizarre here. It melted quickly, and turned into heavy rain. Heavy rain is somewhat unusual too. It doesn’t rain much here, just a lot. Chew on that….

Your National Parks

A Seattle Times article reports on the rapid rise in drug production on National Park lands. Its nothing new, but the scale of operations have increased quickly in the last decade. Some national parks urge to to tread lightly. It may benefit you to tread quietly as well.

iTunes 4

I broke my own requirement of finishing all the tags on my Mp3s before I upgraded to iTunes 4. Well, I had to upgrade the OS, and was going to be rebooting anyway. Plus, I’ve made significant progress. We’re talking 70% tagged maybe. Possibly.

iTunes 4 is great. Now I can easily use the tracks on my server from the living room. Better living through technology.

Moving Fees

Comcast wants to charge me $26 to move cable internet and $27-43 to move cable TV from our current location to our new place. Stupid Monopoly.


  • Shut up an pay you stupid subscriber.
  • Change to DSL, use MSN (shudder), get reduced rates for first 6 months plus no activation.
  • Change to DSL, use local ISP(DSLNW, S1, get first month free, pay for 3 months and avoid startup fees.
  • Get 56k and pay for per month web hosting – loose some freedom, gain some advantages.
  • Call White House, FTC and ask how de-regulation has improved our lives.

Any tips?