Week 1

We’ve successfully made it through the first week. No big deal, I know, but it’s satisfying in the sense that we’ve seen a glimpse of how this whole 2 kid thing will work. We’re a little surprised how compatible Ella has been with a baby. Pleased, but a little surprised since she’s been the center of the universe.

Happy to be home again

Yesterday we took Madeline to her pediatrician for a recheck on her bilirubin and for a general introduction. Everything went well and we went home happy to know that she was likely going to kick the extra bilirubin on her own. Then a few hours later the little girl started turning blue around the lips and below her nose when suckling and sometimes just randomly. These “dusky” episodes were rather concerning and my mother-in-law and dad, both versed medical professionals checked and decided that it was likely nothing, but still somewhat concerning.
Freed ladies at home
So we called her pediatrician again, who wanted to have her admitted to the special care nursery overnight for observation. One of the things they wanted to monitor was her oxygen saturation level, something we tried to do at home with an oximeter my dad brought home from work. We couldn’t get it to fit anywhere on her since it was designed for an adult finger, so I broke it trying to make it work. (I fixed it later that night)

We checked Madeline in to the Nursery where she was hooked up to a bunch of sensors and had some blood drawn for a culture. Michelle and Kathy spent the night with her, doing normal mom things like feeding and fretting, while I returned to be with Ella. It was a rough drive home, but I did manage to store up on sleep.

Michelle called this morning to let me know that they were being discharged, but that Madeline’s Bilirubin count had increased. Ella and I drove out to pick up the rest of the family this morning, and the combined joy of having a well baby and hearing the inauguration on the radio made me swell a bit. I tried to explain it all to Ella, but the best I could convey was that Mommy was finally coming home with sissy.

Now Madeline is upstairs sleeping with Michelle (also sleeping) and soaking up some blue light to help break down the bilirubin. It comes out as green poo. This will be the happiest I’ve ever been to see green poo.

Welcome Madeline

Madeline Grace Freed entered the world this morning at 8:50 AM after only one push. Since she’s roughly 2 weeks early we expected a smaller girl. We thought that was the case, but she clocked in with almost identical vitals (19.75″ long, 6 lbs 10 oz) and she scored the same 9 on her Apgar, so she’s in good shape. And she’s lovely.

I know you’re expecting photos, but the wireless here is basically down, so you’ll have to settle for a cell phone pic in the meantime.

No news is good news?

Still no baby. Michelle has been a trooper with almost now food, limited mobility, and little motion on the baby’s part. She’s just been put back on pitocin and we’re going to attempt some rest before the show.

The show now looks like it’ll be on the 17th, which doesn’t have the logical appeal of the 15th nor the artistic appeal of the 16th. I was hoping baby would be born with a new president, but now I’m just hoping she comes in January. So much for groundhogs day.

While we were out walking the halls with IV bag in tow, we ran in to a former employee of mine who’s wife is also there having a baby. Strange, small world.

Day 2

We’re starting day 2 with breakfast and a modicum of sleep. Michelle got a new IV line added so she can use her right hand again. Sadly, the wifi here is crap so updates are slow.

Layla molting

Evidently something in the last few weeks with the snow, cold, wind, rain and darkness was enough to cause Layla to start molting. Hopefully she gets it over with soon and will start laying eggs again. None of he hens has laid an egg in nearly a month now.

Layla molting

Pins and needles

Baby 2 isn’t due until February 2nd (Groundhogs day!), but we got a shock from the doctor on Monday who informed us that Michelle’s amniotic fluid is low and we may be seeing baby much sooner than expected. Today we go back to find out if the fluid level has dropped. If so, Michelle will likely be induced. While we’re both excited to meet her, we’re both hoping she gets to stay in a little longer.

Speaking of pins and needles, Baby 2 was breech until Monday afternoon. Michelle was seeing an acupuncturist to try and turn the baby. During her session on Monday, baby started moving and by the time she got to her other doctor appointment an hour later, baby was no longer breech. Very good news because it means Michelle won’t need a cesarian. Michelle loved the clinic and her experience, and amazingly, our insurance covered it under “complementary” care.

Now we just wait to see what baby 2 wants.

Digital Switchover

My internal Luddite is hoping that with so many not ready for the digital TV switchover, people will actually start venturing out to pubs and such to socialize.