No news is good news?

Still no baby. Michelle has been a trooper with almost now food, limited mobility, and little motion on the baby’s part. She’s just been put back on pitocin and we’re going to attempt some rest before the show.

The show now looks like it’ll be on the 17th, which doesn’t have the logical appeal of the 15th nor the artistic appeal of the 16th. I was hoping baby would be born with a new president, but now I’m just hoping she comes in January. So much for groundhogs day.

While we were out walking the halls with IV bag in tow, we ran in to a former employee of mine who’s wife is also there having a baby. Strange, small world.

4 thoughts on “No news is good news?”

  1. We’ve been holding vigil by the computer… It’s a far cry from Spongebob we endured while hanging in the waiting room for Ella.

  2. Thinking of you all and checking constantly for updates. I know how difficult the stalling is. I’m really sorry. I can’t believe the docs won’t let her eat though. I demanded food and they gave it to me up to 6 cm.

  3. wow you guys! January 17th is a GREAT birthday … I’m also looking out for updates and thinking of you guys a lot. I think Maddy has made her point about how … individualistic she’s going to be. Great, strong girl!

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