Refridgerator water

While I’m thinking about it, I love refrigerator water. So cool and clean and readily available. I’ve not had access to it since a wee child in Cody, but I remembered it fondly. Now that we have it again, I’m also reminded of another refrigerator issue from childhood – cubed vs. crushed ice. My parents always scolded us for using crushed ice, which we never really understood. Now that Michelle wants crushed ice and i want cubed ice, I finally get it. Crushed ice makes it so you have to fill your glass twice with crappy fractured chunks. Chunks that melt too quickly and create a slurry rather than a sustainable cooling agent. Preliminary arguments suggest we’re not going to resolve this any time soon.

Too hot to sleep

I have trouble sleeping when it’s this hot. So tonight I stayed up so we could force more cool air in to the house, and I knocked off a few items from my massive to-do list. (i.e. – IBU/ABV calculators fixed on rooftopbrew…)

Because we’re trying to get outside air, we’re also bringing along with it some foul smell that seems to have come out of nowhere. It’s like a blend of backed up sewer, vinegar, and gun powder. It’s rather wretched, and I’d like it to go away. I want my thai food smell back.


I hooked up a drip system in the front yard this weekend to reduce the amount of interaction (and wasted water) with the flower bed. We’re still learning the names of some of the flowers that the previous owner planted. Luckily, they’re fairly exotic, and we can find the names in the floral section of our grocer. Some are so outlandish that I’d never have planted them, but according to the oregonian, they’re hot shit right now.

We also got the equipment to install the arbor my dad made for our wedding. This is the first time we’ve had a place for it, and I think it’ll make a nice entryway to our yard.

congrats Lance

I must admit that I’m surprised, pleased, and relieved to see that Lance finished his seventh tour victory. After the last tour, and with so many problems and so many people not wanting him to win, I was sure something was going to prevent him from finishing. ( ranging from an sliver to all-out nuclear holocaust ) But he finished it with style and with a victory in the last time trial.

Needlepoint while you drive

Since Noah hasn’t made any mention of it (or much else lately), I thought I’d share this. Last Friday while driving home on Barbur, we get behind this guy whose driving somewhat distractedly. Slow to leave intersections, crossing the lines… We’re starting to get annoyed at him since it is Friday and we didn’t leave work early to get home at 6pm. I see him consulting a map and my heart softens – “aw, he’s just lost.”

Two intersections later I notice that he’s doing… something.. that isn’t looking at a map.. What is it? He’s doing needlepoint! He’s driving in rush hour traffic at high speeds while doing needlepoint! At the stop signs he checks his pattern, not a map. We both look with incredulity and he continues for 4 more lights. Finally, as he’s stalling at the Terwilliger/Barbur intersection, I finally sound my oh-so intimidating Toyota horn and he gives some unrecognizable hand gesture and takes off. Now I can’t keep up with him.

We finally do catch up again by Swan Mart, and Noah get’s out his cameraphone, but it’s just too far, and I’m too non-confrontational to take a picture. But we did get a better look at what he was working on – it was large – like Christmas tree skirt large. And ugly. I never thought I’d say this about a person doing needlepoint – but what an ass!

Rode to work

I rode my bike to work today. 12 miles there, 12 miles back. I must admit, it’s a long ride. Not only that, the ride is roughly 6x longer than my previous commute, and I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Something about heat and a sitting.

It was nice to ride though, and after crossing the Broadway Bridge, I got into a line of bikers going up Broadway. It was kind of comical how we all took turns passing each other and the last person would surge to the front at light changes. Eventually the riders would peel off on to some side street. I stopped briefly at PSU to get my papers from last term then started the long climb to PCC. I took Terwilliger this time, and I’m glad. It’s a beautiful parkway, and it sure beat the head-on winds coming down Barbur.

After 24 miles, I felt entitled to some cajunized tots and a couple pints.