Refridgerator water

While I’m thinking about it, I love refrigerator water. So cool and clean and readily available. I’ve not had access to it since a wee child in Cody, but I remembered it fondly. Now that we have it again, I’m also reminded of another refrigerator issue from childhood – cubed vs. crushed ice. My parents always scolded us for using crushed ice, which we never really understood. Now that Michelle wants crushed ice and i want cubed ice, I finally get it. Crushed ice makes it so you have to fill your glass twice with crappy fractured chunks. Chunks that melt too quickly and create a slurry rather than a sustainable cooling agent. Preliminary arguments suggest we’re not going to resolve this any time soon.

3 thoughts on “Refridgerator water”

  1. I am a cubed man myself. My parents also had the anti-crushed ice rule. Never really got that. The only think I never liked was that the ice would get nasty sometimes. I think it was sitting there too long or something and would totally develop a plastic flavor.

  2. I am in complete understanding with you on that “preliminary argument” thing. Sometimes its just best to let those “hard to reach” ones go.

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