Zip – Rip

Today my zip disk died. Big deal? Well, yeah it is. The disk was 10 years old. I got it when we purchased our Zip drive way back in 1994 to compliment our nearly full Performa 600 HD. Each disk increased our storage capacity by another 90%. The drive was amazing, and this disk went with me through high school, college, and finally died at work.

The problem is, I’m not sure what burial best befits removeable magnetic storage media. CDs you can break, microwave, etc. Hard Drives you can Drop from the 7th floor of your dorm, then take it appart and play with the plates. I tried to open the casing but hurt my finger.

Liberal Quaker

Several years ago I took an online test to see which faith best matched my outlook on religion, spirituality and the divine. I took a snapshot of the results, and stumbled upon them yesterday. Out of curiosity, I checked to see if the site was still there, and if anything had changed.

Well, very little had changed in 6 years, but the number 1 match now seems to be liberal quaker. A quick look at what defines liberal quaker is like a brief look at a list of unfinished projects. Its all kind of wishy-washy, but in a non-condemning, non-excluding kind of way.

Belief-O-Matic results
One artist's conception

Although the quaker oats guy is a slightly misconceived notion, I thought it would be funny to celebrate my new found religion of circumstance with a photoshop.

What didn’t change were the 3 religions that least fit my results. In decreasing order of match: Orthodox Judaism, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholic. No surprises there.

Oh No… Coastal Erosion

Louisiana has looked to claymation character Mr. Bill to help drum up its citizen’s awareness of coastal erosion. This is a serious problem, and it is hoped that Mr. Bill will help bring a familiar face to the cause. A wetlands consultant says of Mr. Bill and his new Estuary bound friends:“These are fun characters, and I think kids will be able to relate to them..”

Its certainly true that a mixed environment of fresh and saltwater was instrumental in my development.

Hood Meadows

Scott and I braved the rain for a day at Mt. Hood Meadows. Well, it didn’t rain the whole time, but with the way the snow instantly melted when landing on your goggles or coat, it may as well have been rain. Oddly though, I didn’t might the moisture because it was a great day of skiing despite the odd weather. We mostly skied the “backside” because it was better snow and much less crowded. Heather Canyon was open, and the snow was great. It was my first time on the slopes this year and my thighs started to cramp around 2 pm, but I put up with them for another hour. We were both dead tired by the time we got back, but today I’m quite lame with soreness.

Winter Storm 2004

After 3 weeks of vacation, I suppose I’m ready to go back to work. I’ll be sad when the snow melts because it means muddy footprints and rain. I quite liked the whole winter storm thing. All in total, got an extra 5.5 days of vacation, 5 hours without power, 15 cars helped out of the snow, and brewed 2 beers. Below are some pictures I took from my phone when Michelle and I weathered the power outage curled up on the couch with the 2 animals reading Order of the Phoenix.

michelle reading Andy & barley

One More

What’s one more day off? Not bad. I had to drive Michelle to work this morning, which was interesting. It was sunny briefly, and I managed to get a bit done around the house. And I got some brewing ingredients, helped 4 cars that were stuck, and picked up Michelle from work. Then we shopped for some work clothes and had dinner at the Rogue Public House. The beer was amazing.

However, after 4 and a half days off, the weekend doesn’t seem all that exciting.