2 tokens

Saturday night at the brewers festival, Chris and John thought it would be funny to throw 2 beer tokens onto the ground and see how long it took for someone to pick them up. It took much longer than expected and I quit taking pictures because it got kind of boring. Someone eventually did pick the two tokens up, and the look of glee on his face was only 10% alcohol related.

Watch the mov (1.2MB)


This month’s National Geographic story on Ants served as a bit of an omen as just a few days after its arrival, we had two waves of ant invasions.

The first was the biggest shock – it had been weeks with the population under control then suddenly there was a blossoming. Ants crawling up the side of our house, in through the kitchen window, then spreading out into the sink, the dishwasher, the cutting board, and even into the cabinets. Worst of all, they were covering the garlic bread I had been dreaming about all day!

I sprayed the trails and seams and we went to class and came back a few hours later and things seemed to be back to normal. Today however, they were back and in new places. Michelle took several deep breaths before going in on Raid raids then e-mailed me from work asking that I clean up the carnage. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but these flourishes seem to be fairly short lived. At least they aren’t the giant mandibled army ants from the geographic story. Now I’m itching again.

Childbirthing class

Michelle and I finished our last childbirthing class last night so we’re officially ready to do this. It was a six week long course at the Sunnyside facilty about a 25 minute drive from here instead of the North Interstate facility which is 2 miles from here. But aside from the distance and duration, it was incredibly helpful and enlightening and we are now prepared and certified to have our baby.

What? You don’t have to take the class to have a baby?!? I suppose the joke is on you. If you’d seen the pictures of meconium you might have reconsidered.

Work Shower

My coworkers just threw a baby shower for another expecting couple and Michelle and me. It was fun, thoughtful, and the first time Michelle had met many of my cohorts. I think many of my coworkers thought I was making the whole thing up. The proof is in the belly.

Time for these ladies to go

The first CD I bought was a used copy of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. It was 1990 and I’d just moved to the city. “He’s the DJ…” was my gateway album to hip-hop. I still listen to songs from it on occasion because, well, I really enjoy Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. I don’t feel the same way about Willenium.

I was listening to a random sampling of hip-hop while painting my daughter’s room and a song from “He’s the DJ…” came on. The song was “As We Go” and it is basically the same as most pop-rap songs; a laundry list of clothes, cars, drinks, and women. The women in question were equally materialistic and started “buggin.” Jeff responds to their requests simply: “I really think it’s time for these ladies to go.”

Maybe it was because I was in the nursery, but it was refreshing to hear a woman simply referred to as “lady.” I’m not sure how it happened, but the use of bitch has become so pervasive in entertainment that it spills over into our daily language far too often. I’m not sure what I’ll teach my daughter about it’s use. “You have to listen for context.” I suppose a lot of the content isn’t that child friendly, so maybe I’ll be using my headphones.

Domain Squat

I’m tired of domain squatters. I’ve lost several domains to squatters when my borderline-extortionist registrar botched my renewals and now I have to wait until the squatters grow tired of the domain in a year. Since my domains were non-commercial, I thought maybe I could get a sympathetic ear, but apparently $250 is the minimum offer before they start paying attention.

Now I’m trying to find a new domain and I’m finding the same to be true. Most of the names I would like to use are taken but for sale, or simply taken with no apparent use. Stupid speculation.

Flattening or Homoginizing?

I’m most of the way through “The World is Flat” and I’m enjoying it immensely. The most immediate concern I have is his use of flat. Sure, it compliments the vertical/horizontal market speak, and has a nice “Pi is exactly 3” attention grabbing ability, but the process he’s describing sounds more like homogenizing. Markets are using the same tools, same APIs, same currencies and increasingly same languages to the point where processes are the same everywhere. Friedman points out the scientific deficiencies we Americans have (and I agree), but there is that whole biodiversity issue. Does having one universal process really make things better, or is it ripening capitalism for a blight?

I’m intrigued, so I’ll probably have more when I finish. Listening.

Doc says…

RICE is what the doctor ordered. I have to stop riding for a few weeks to give the tendinitis in my right knee a chance to get better. This will severely impact my chances of winning any prizes in the Carefree Commuter Challenge. I was hoping for a Tri-met pass or something. It may even set me back in my 50 rides for the year. I’m only at 34 and this was going to be the month to get past 40.