Childbirthing class

Michelle and I finished our last childbirthing class last night so we’re officially ready to do this. It was a six week long course at the Sunnyside facilty about a 25 minute drive from here instead of the North Interstate facility which is 2 miles from here. But aside from the distance and duration, it was incredibly helpful and enlightening and we are now prepared and certified to have our baby.

What? You don’t have to take the class to have a baby?!? I suppose the joke is on you. If you’d seen the pictures of meconium you might have reconsidered.

9 thoughts on “Childbirthing class”

  1. That picture really makes me want to have kids.

    Glad to hear the class is done….good luck when the day comes!

  2. Troy and I start our classes on Monday. Who knew we would be learning about such fascinating things?

  3. Our class was a one day eight hour shot. It was definitly enlightening but no pictures of poop. My favorite part was seeing how small all my organs were actually. Howie passed that poop while still inside which doesn’t make me feel very good right now!

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