This month’s National Geographic story on Ants served as a bit of an omen as just a few days after its arrival, we had two waves of ant invasions.

The first was the biggest shock – it had been weeks with the population under control then suddenly there was a blossoming. Ants crawling up the side of our house, in through the kitchen window, then spreading out into the sink, the dishwasher, the cutting board, and even into the cabinets. Worst of all, they were covering the garlic bread I had been dreaming about all day!

I sprayed the trails and seams and we went to class and came back a few hours later and things seemed to be back to normal. Today however, they were back and in new places. Michelle took several deep breaths before going in on Raid raids then e-mailed me from work asking that I clean up the carnage. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but these flourishes seem to be fairly short lived. At least they aren’t the giant mandibled army ants from the geographic story. Now I’m itching again.

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