When you think Microsoft, think Security. – If that seems like a strech, add “and Exchange Commission investigation” to the end.

If you use a computer..

Tonight I was thinking about bumper stickers. I like bumperstickers. If you can’t fit an idea onto a bumpersticker, it might be time to reconsider your position.

I was thinking about computers and Open Source in particular. I thoguht of this one: “Don’t like paying for crappy software? Use open source, and get it for free”!

Anyway, I think everyone who owns a computer should read this article by Richard Stallman. It seems quite alarmist, but it seems to really address all the concerns I’ve had the last several years. I want my realtives to read it. So if youre related to me, read it. If not, read it anyway.


I’m somewhat surprised by this. Maybe Alan isn’t ;)

You're Cletus
What lesser-known Simpsons character are you?
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update (12/19/04):

It appears that the site has been squatted upon by domain rustlers. I’ve removed links.

Dabney Disc Golf

Scott and I got up to play disc golf at Dabney State Park at 8am this morning. The place is gorgeous, and was empty, partly due to the fact that Daylight Savings happened, and it was actually 7am. Regardless, its a very nice course with 18 holes, and its much more technical that Lunchtime. I managed to get my score down from 18 over to 13 over. I’ll do better next time.

Scott also helped me wrangle the top 5 beers. We couldn’t decide on lagers yet, but I’ll probably put a list together eventually.

Michelle and I got our Halloween costumes together last night. It was a lot of fun picking, and I’ll have pictures available on Thurs.

5 Favorite Ales

I actually meant to post this with the other lists, but had a difficult time deciding. This list fluctuates quite often, and is really a mood, meal, atmospheric dependent list.

My 5 favorite Ales:

No. Brew Reason
1 Duchars IPA Cask conditioned at the brewery in Edinburgh. Tough act to follow.
2 Bridgeport IPA mmmm…fresh hop smell & flavor, great body. Drink locally.
3 Redhook ESB Great anytime beer, another regional brewer.
4 Grant’s Scottish The beer that started microbrewing. Debauchery of malt & hops
5 Bass Ale One of the few great Real English ales you can get over here.

It was a difficult batch of choices. Those who know me know what a feat this is.

Silent Ride Home

We finally decided to fix the Muffler, replace the battery, and get transmission/oil change on the Previa (Yoda) today. Actually, we decided last week after realizing my parents weren’t as keen on selling the Vanogan (Dub) as we were. Anyway, after printing some coupons, we made an appointment, and just picked it up after only 3 hours of work. The drive home was silent.

I should explain that the Previa has a deafening, well, embarasing whistle that results from holes in the interior baffle in the muffler. Its something quite common among Previas, but mine is no longer among them. I sped up and slowed down over and over on the drive home, and it accelerates better, and it sounds like a normal car. Its so nice.

Rooftop Brew

I bought the domain on Monday night. I’m still figuring it out, but eventually this place will be Rooftop. I realize this is bad timing to change the name to Rooftop, given the sniper on the loose in VA and MD. I’m not sure what changes are going to hapen yet, or even if I’ll have a separate site, which would ultimately be more work.

5 Reasons I’m not a Vegetarian…

I’m having fun with lists today. First on the order: 5 Reasons I’m not a Vegetarian

No. Reason: Prepared:
1 Bratwurst Boiled in Stout, Grilled, served on bun
2 Flank Steak Marinated in Red wine, garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice.
3 Pastrami Cream Cheese & Bagel, Cherry Coke, Tim’s Jalapeno Chips.
4 Prosciutto plain, with cantaloupe, or in pasta
5 Lamb Curry, Vindaloo, or Rack thereof.