If you use a computer..

Tonight I was thinking about bumper stickers. I like bumperstickers. If you can’t fit an idea onto a bumpersticker, it might be time to reconsider your position.

I was thinking about computers and Open Source in particular. I thoguht of this one: “Don’t like paying for crappy software? Use open source, and get it for free”!

Anyway, I think everyone who owns a computer should read this article by Richard Stallman. It seems quite alarmist, but it seems to really address all the concerns I’ve had the last several years. I want my realtives to read it. So if youre related to me, read it. If not, read it anyway.

3 thoughts on “If you use a computer..”

  1. The inevitable result of the success of computers is that those who make and equip them have become rich and powerful. Under the sun there is not one new thing. The rich and powerful seek to fortify their positions and increase their power and riches. For the rest of us “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

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