5 Reasons I’m not a Vegetarian…

I’m having fun with lists today. First on the order: 5 Reasons I’m not a Vegetarian

No. Reason: Prepared:
1 Bratwurst Boiled in Stout, Grilled, served on bun
2 Flank Steak Marinated in Red wine, garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice.
3 Pastrami Cream Cheese & Bagel, Cherry Coke, Tim’s Jalapeno Chips.
4 Prosciutto plain, with cantaloupe, or in pasta
5 Lamb Curry, Vindaloo, or Rack thereof.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m not a Vegetarian…”

  1. Actually, I’m quite impressed by their commitment. I eat meat in moderation, but these are reasons why I’m not a vegetarian.

    Its the vegans that are freaks ;)

  2. i’m a girl and i eat lamb. although it’s been quite a while since i’ve done that. perhaps soon. but for now, i have to continue finding sources on temporary housing design in the library.

  3. No, I was kidding earlier, obviously since I date a vegetarian. I agree though, it takes a lot of commitment and I think its amazing that anyone can be a vegeatrian with all the wonderful tasting meats out there, like the ones posted.
    So is a vegetarian that eats fish a vegetarian? I quess not in the technical since.

  4. some vegans are freaks but so are some meat eaters. it’s very mean to assume that all vegans are freaks. i gave up animal products for health reasons and i don’t even like telling people because of the way i’m judged. there’s nothing wrong with it, so be nice.

  5. That’s a fair enough request.

    Although I admire the effort, I feel that veganism is just as unsustainable as a carnivorous (omnivorous) diet. It seems that the amount of preparation and effort to sustain a healthy vegan diet rivals that of feeding, medicating, slaughtering, and shipping animals for consumption. I’ve little empirical evidence, so I’m just going by inductive reasoning. (excluding the fact-gathering part)

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