Time for these ladies to go

The first CD I bought was a used copy of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. It was 1990 and I’d just moved to the city. “He’s the DJ…” was my gateway album to hip-hop. I still listen to songs from it on occasion because, well, I really enjoy Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. I don’t feel the same way about Willenium.

I was listening to a random sampling of hip-hop while painting my daughter’s room and a song from “He’s the DJ…” came on. The song was “As We Go” and it is basically the same as most pop-rap songs; a laundry list of clothes, cars, drinks, and women. The women in question were equally materialistic and started “buggin.” Jeff responds to their requests simply: “I really think it’s time for these ladies to go.”

Maybe it was because I was in the nursery, but it was refreshing to hear a woman simply referred to as “lady.” I’m not sure how it happened, but the use of bitch has become so pervasive in entertainment that it spills over into our daily language far too often. I’m not sure what I’ll teach my daughter about it’s use. “You have to listen for context.” I suppose a lot of the content isn’t that child friendly, so maybe I’ll be using my headphones.

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  1. Too true Andy. It is really sad how much our society has changed that people don’t even blink an eye when someone is called a derogatory term in everyday talk.

  2. Nice. That was from It’s a bucket user, so I’ll be able to get a name to go with that soon.

  3. yeah that was my first album to I still love human videogame
    yeah i realized that i need to watch what I am listening to in the car with my son don’t want to have to explain that listening to degradeing songs is somehow ok but degradeing women yourself is not

  4. What a shitty anonymous comment. At least have the balls to admit who you are if you are going to make a totally rude response. Though I didn’t make the “whore” comment, I apoligize that you had to read it Sadie.

  5. First off it wasn’t me, but I can be pretty certain that comment was not directed at Sadie. Just a bad joke. Yes it crossed a line, but those lines are crossed everyday in this group. Lets just drop this one before it turns into anything.

  6. Ben’s right – it’s a challenging conundrum.

    Fletcher – not to worry, I’m only finding who it was to shame them for the fun of it. I have no problems censoring people on my own site. Besides, it was a joke. My response was meant to be equally playful.

  7. Yeah it was me…I didn’t mean to not put my name with it…just forgot.

    And no, it was not directed at Sadie. Actually I didn’t even notice that it said who posted it below the post until just now.

    Come on…using the word “whore” given the message context….

  8. You turned back on anonymous commenting? Brave…

    So if you’re digging into the old school vault and looking for hip hop that’s daughter-friendly, start off with some U.N.I.T.Y. by Queen Latifa. And then she’ll at least have a frame of reference when that super-shitty “I Love My Bitch” by Busta Rhymes comes on next.

  9. It was timely and funny.

    Postings of slander in text form by people that wouldn’t have the balls to say the same in person – now that’s a modern trend that needs to stop.

    Back to the topic – I agree with the language problem in music. Makes me a little paranoid on my music choices in public environments…

  10. I was hoping that it wasn’t directed at me but since it was an anonymous person I had no idea how to read it. I was a little shocked. But now knowing it was Chris I’m able to go back and read it and see his face and hear his voice as he’s saying it and know it was just a joke.

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