Global Conquest

During one of the snow days last week, riddled with cabin fever, Michelle started reorganizing the office. It was quite a task, and many items were added to the “get rid of” pile. To show my support for the cause, I let Barley play with a very out of date globe. He destroyed it. It was funny.

Barley conquers the world

3 thoughts on “Global Conquest”

  1. That was funny to me like that article I posted was funny to you last week.

    He should’ve really ripped into it.

    I want total world destruction.

  2. Oh, it was completely destroyed. Pieces of the continents peeled off like decals. He showed no discrimination while removing nations and oceans.

  3. What up Freed! I am back in the states now, I was able to hitch hike and use a few busses to get back here in one piece. I didn’t want to come home yet, but things worked out that way. I will talk to you when i get home.

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