I hooked up a drip system in the front yard this weekend to reduce the amount of interaction (and wasted water) with the flower bed. We’re still learning the names of some of the flowers that the previous owner planted. Luckily, they’re fairly exotic, and we can find the names in the floral section of our grocer. Some are so outlandish that I’d never have planted them, but according to the oregonian, they’re hot shit right now.

We also got the equipment to install the arbor my dad made for our wedding. This is the first time we’ve had a place for it, and I think it’ll make a nice entryway to our yard.

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  1. If you ever have any questions … i happen to know i guy who know’s a guy that works in the field … and rather “proudly” despenses random helpful advise to those in need !! ;o )

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