Rode to work

I rode my bike to work today. 12 miles there, 12 miles back. I must admit, it’s a long ride. Not only that, the ride is roughly 6x longer than my previous commute, and I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Something about heat and a sitting.

It was nice to ride though, and after crossing the Broadway Bridge, I got into a line of bikers going up Broadway. It was kind of comical how we all took turns passing each other and the last person would surge to the front at light changes. Eventually the riders would peel off on to some side street. I stopped briefly at PSU to get my papers from last term then started the long climb to PCC. I took Terwilliger this time, and I’m glad. It’s a beautiful parkway, and it sure beat the head-on winds coming down Barbur.

After 24 miles, I felt entitled to some cajunized tots and a couple pints.

6 thoughts on “Rode to work”

  1. What are cajunized tots? Tater tots with cajun spices? And are they restaurant fare or home-cooked? Just curious.

  2. Bingo Rich – tater tots with cajon spices. They’re a McMenamins thing and once you’ve had the tots cajunized, well, regular tots taste like cardboard.

  3. Ah… I had a feeling it was a McMennamin’s thing. I’ll have to give it a try some day. You just don’t see tater tots very often (especially here in the UK)!

  4. wow…12 miles…that’s pretty sweet! And I thought I was doing good riding to PGE Park for the Max out to Beaverton. I think a my maxless ride would work out to be a bit over 15, but I enjoy the time to read or space out or whatnot on the commute. And the traffic this morning on 26 reminded me that the ‘commuter biathlon’ isn’t much slower than driving.

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