Week 1

We’ve successfully made it through the first week. No big deal, I know, but it’s satisfying in the sense that we’ve seen a glimpse of how this whole 2 kid thing will work. We’re a little surprised how compatible Ella has been with a baby. Pleased, but a little surprised since she’s been the center of the universe.

2 thoughts on “Week 1”

  1. It’s all good ’til the little one starts tearing up her stuff, then Ella will be begging you to “take her back” :)

  2. Andy, Michelle, Ella, and Madelaine —

    Belated congratulations on the second child! Something made me want to check in on your blog today for the first time in months, and found the news. That is great news that Ella is so accepting. Delia has been of Braden as well.

    Two kids will kick your arse. Hang in there. Its not twice the fun and twice the work, its the fun and work squared.

    Bilirubin is a beast. Its funny the standard of care between Oregon and West Virginia. When Delia was born in Oregon, she was orange as a pumpkin but her doctors were never concerned–recognizing that most jaundice is harmless. Here in West Virginia, they locked our baby boy in an incubator under bright blue lights for days. No bili-light to take home here in rural West By God.

    Anyway, sorry to rant on your blog about rural medical care. I hope all are happy and healthy!

    Ella’s a beauty by the way.



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