Beaverton Farmer’s Market

Today we made a trip to the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. It was very lively, and an odd break in the clouds made for some wonderful colors. I would have taken my camera, but I thought we were going downtown to the Saturday Market (yawn).

We picked up some herbs and vegetable plants that we’ll have to thin until we move in. We finally heard back from the landlord today after a week of calls. We’ll be moving in on the first for sure now. We can finally tell our overly interested landlord as well. As the pictures come down, the boxes fill up, and the papers get shredded, an odd feeling comes over you. Sadness, anxiety, laziness? Who knows. Its hard though. I can’t imagine how Alan was able to part with 1/4 ton of stuff.

It started raining again, then hailing. We’re talking dime size stones. That’s unusual for out here. Pretty normal for Wyoming, but bizarre here. It melted quickly, and turned into heavy rain. Heavy rain is somewhat unusual too. It doesn’t rain much here, just a lot. Chew on that….

3 thoughts on “Beaverton Farmer’s Market”

  1. I saw an actual bolt of lightening — another rare sight here. It was big and close — the thunder came almost immediately. We were in the car with new tires, so I told myself that the lightening couldn’t hurt us.

  2. I didn’t see a bolt, but the thunder shook our apartment. It was the only instance. I hope we have some “real” thunderstorms in Nebraska. Well, except when we’re flying. Michelle would freak!

  3. I really miss the power of storms. Everything here is so drippy. I don’t miss hurricanes though.

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