Moving – Rooftop Unavailable for Comment

I’m moving over the weekend, and it’s going to take a week or so until I get cable hooked up at the new place. In the meantime, this site may or may not be available. I’m using Fugu to put a copy of my site on my friend’s server. Its definately going to be a stripped down version of the site for a few days.

The process of moving has brought a couple things to my attention:

  1. Moving out sucks, Moving in is fun
  2. I keep some weird stuff
  3. Some people stand to benefit from moving. ahem, non-refundable pet despot…I mean deposit
  4. Gathering boxes is a cutthroat endevor. Some people are serious about them.
  5. Spackle works much better than mint toothpaste for filling holes, Kelman

4 thoughts on “Moving – Rooftop Unavailable for Comment”

  1. what are you talking about…..Kelman did a great job with the toothpaste, we didn’t even get charged for the door that you guys unplastered into the next room…hehe

  2. Well, someone used Mint toothpaste, and when it dried, it was all krusty green. Lolly says its obvious that its filled with toothpaste, but they usually don’t charge anyway since they just paint over it again.

  3. I forgot briefly that we tore out the door between those two rooms. Thats awesome! I want to destroy something right now, but I can’t. I should have never graduated.

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