One underage driver

One underage driver asks another to go warm up her car. Young girl #2 goes to the friends car, starts it, decides its a good time to “try driving.” Young Girl #2 becomes underage driver #2, but only for a short time before becoming uninsured car wrecking hooligan. Uninsured car wrecking hooligan collides with employee eating lunch in her car, and tries to drive away. Uninsured car wrecking hooligan hits another car, then another. Employee eating lunch eventually stops uninsured car wrecking hooligan from driving away, but not until 5 cars have been damaged.

Pissed off younger sister finds that her car is sandwiched between two other cars, and her bumper is barely hanging on. You see, uninsured car wrecking hooligan hit one car with such force that it pushed into pissed off younger sister’s car, then into car on the other side of pissed off younger sister’s car. Uninsured car wrecking hooligan hopefully learns valuable lesson and is never allowed on anything with wheels again, and pissed off younger sister hopes that the state required her to insure against uninsured motorists along with her liability coverage. Pissed off younger sister may not get to come down to tall dark and handsome brother and law school riddled brained sister-in-law’s for thanksgiving.

Really though, who hits 4 more cars trying to flee the scene?

4 thoughts on “One underage driver”

  1. Actually there are 6 damaged cars when you include “underage driver’s” car. And, one of the cars she hit TWICE. Weeeee!!!!

  2. Well let’s be real , as far as I am concerned Hilary deserved it. She hit my camaro, when my camaro was actually cool, so she deserves some payback.

  3. Well, they all made fun of me for being chauffered around by my parents until age 24. At least now I can give a worse possible outcome for someone who’s clueless about the coordination needed to drive.

  4. Hmmm… I’ve lost a car to an uninsured hit and run motorist, but never to an UNDERAGE uninsured hit and run motorist. That’s one I’ll have to try.

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