New Phones

Michelle and I updated our mobile phone plan with AT&T because of “family” plan that allows us to add a second phone for $9/month. This is great, but the big news is bluetooth. Yup, finally. I just need to wait for my dongle (he he) to arrive. Then I can sync my addresses, calendar, and get a good ring-tone.

It took nearly 48 hours for Michelle’s phone number to be transferred due to the volume of changes this weekend, and a slight cock-up on AT&T’s part. But now its working, and I think we’re set. The deals seem too good, and we’re waiting for something to go wrong. Go wrong? With a phone company? right….

5 thoughts on “New Phones”

  1. Hey Andy, I am on my way to Mexico this Thursday. A little earlier than i planned. Have a good Christmas everybody.

  2. I can think of only two likely scenarios for Fletcher in Mexico:
    1.) Fletcher gets shivved to death.
    2.) Fletcher joins a weed-smoking, nature-loving, slacking commune intent on living on a secret island with a lagoon in the middle in complete anonymity and harmony with nature and never comes back.

  3. I will be back sometime late Feb or March, depending on my luck. My fingers are crossed on the commune, i hate being shivved. No scooter though, new ride forces me to take very little. I think it would have liked it there. See Ya!

  4. Enjoy Andrew. May Gaia watch over you and all that crap. Oh, and something about sand and foreskin.

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