Powerbait – for better memories

I was driving on I-5 to my Web Server class this morning. I saw a billboard for Powerbait, a fancy and potent fish bait, that said something like “make better memories”. The idea I guess is to use powerbait when fishing with your kids to improve your chances of catching fish, thus improving your time together. What struck me as funny was the concept of improving your children’s lives through super potent fish bait.

What struck me as funnier was a twist on the idea; fathers using drugs to make themselves Super Dads. Just imagine how cool your dad would appear if he was on PCP and was lifting up cars and no-one could restrain him. Imagine the playground talk.. “my dad tipped over a semi, then fought off 12 police officers..”

PCP – be the best parent you can.
Speed – be the most efficient mother you can.

anyway, the web server class was fun, like 8th grade computer class. Too bad we’re using IIS.