First Applescript Program

Last night I wrote my first program in Applescript. I ignored all training I’ve had in computer science and simply wrote the code as I went. Then I debugged it when things went wrong. Well, it took nearly 4 hours to write a simple backup script because I kept changing things as I went. The program, when run, will stuff (compress) my wife’s documents folder, open a connection to her iDisk drive, copy the stuffed archive to the disk, delete the archive on her computer, and unmount the iDisk.

It almost works. I had to change from iDisk Mounter 1.8 to a generic script because iDisk Mounter wanted a registration code. Sadly, the free script doesn’t work as well, or mount as quickly. I’m still working this out because it sometimes times out. Also, when the script copies the archive to the iDisk, if another file exists, it won’t copy. I just need to learn how to tell the script to say “ok”. Soon, it’ll all be finished.

When I was laying in bed, I finally did the planning and layout I was taught when I learned Pascal & C++ in college. Pascal sucked. The teacher was a genius when it came to AI, but he couldn’t teach worth crap. It was an 8AM class, so my friend blew it off. For his final project (timed, of course), he wrote a program the printed “Pascal Sucks Big Time” to the screen and beeped in a loop. He still got a C- in the class, but he dropped out shortly there after for other reasons.

On another note, Lars got accepted to the University of Surrey in the UK. Cheers!