Chinese Discover America. Take that Euros

Gavin Menzies will be presenting his evidence to the Royal Geographical Society (UK), where it will surely be met with skepticism. I think this sort of thing is great, and is what makes geography so much cooler than, say… Economics.

Check it out,1870,106236,00.html

Alan is taking shots at my site. I’d better spend some “inside” time this weekend so I don’t piss off the establishment.

on the coat tails

The motivation for finally getting Greymatter running came from two fellow PCC employees with whom I had recently spoken to on the subject of web logs.

I think it was decided that there should be under-30 office, where all the hip employees would “work”. It would have a real internet startup feel, and “work” would always be fun. Alan took offense, being on in years, so the office would have to be under-36. We’d all have web logs that said very similar things, and we’d read each other’s logs and talk about how cool they were. I imagine it would quickly turn into gossip and slander. Blogging would soon become Blander. Maybe the under-36 office will have to wait.

Here are their blogs:
Alan: (only .info user I know)
Moira: (If blogging has an establishment, she’d be blue chip)

Entry #1 – Johnny Come Lately

Web logs are everywhere. They’ve been around for quite a while, but in the past, only the truely devoted kept them updated. I never kept thinks updated because I was lazy, and would have rather done something else.

Some geniuses decided that automating the process would make it easier to keep things recent. We’ll see if that’s true. I’m using Greymatter, which is a collection of CGI/Perl scripts to run this log. Hopefully I’ll keep it somewhat interesting, and somewhat useful. (to me)