Forgot that part..

Today my coworker and I installed the new Student Multimedia (formerly production) Lab computers at Rock Creek. I say computers because we forgot to bring the scanners, and the bail of cat-5 we brought for network cable turned out to be cat-3. Oh well. Guess we’ll be back tomorrow.

Rock Creek is a nice campus; very bucholic, nice and green. However, you have to drive on Hwy 26 to get there. Hwy 26 is an awful stretch of road with sprawl around it. I couldn’t work at RC because I’d have to drive on 26 each day, and with all the traffic, I’d go insane. Sprawl is bad. Tell your congress person.

I’m going to be tutoring tonight. I haven’t tutored on the side since middle/high school. I liked it then, and I’m probably better now. If you need tutoring, contact me :) I do Mac and PC.