Excited about windows?

Yes, Today I was excited to finally upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional. It only took 6 months of crashing to get an upgrade. Hopefully now when I have more than 3 applications open and something happens (i.e. new mail) I won’t have to restart. Now I can print in the office across the hall instead of the printer in the back circ office. Simple pleasures are the best.

I need to look in to redirecting on this server because I’m getting lots of Nimda style requests for cmd.exe. Stupid IIS, Stupid Microsoft. These are just from people on my @home network, many of whom don’t know they have the virus. Hopefully they will be split up, and they will start making secure products. Hopefully they’ll collapse upon themselves and Apple will finally get recognition. Hopefully it will slow cookies and cream.

I’m going to Manzanita, OR with Michelle for the weekend. It should be nice, even with the rain. Enjoy your weekend.