Unacceptable Down Time

Sorry for the downtime. We had very dear friends visiting, and I was considerate enough to turn off my computer so they could sleep peacefully. Thank goodness no one pays me to serve.

Michelle and I just spent a wonderful weekend in Manzanita, OR. The weather was perfect, and we had sun until Sunday as we were leaving. The cabins were amazing, and we were lucky enough to check in early because we found out they had forgot to mark us in the book, and were just about to give our cabin to someone else. They even gave us some truffles as a ‘we’re sorry’ gift.

Michelle is on break this week, but I’m busier than I’ve been for a while, and loving it. I’m installing new computers in the PCC libraries that have all the software any student could want. Its been a fun project, but I’ll be glad its over.