on the coat tails

The motivation for finally getting Greymatter running came from two fellow PCC employees with whom I had recently spoken to on the subject of web logs.

I think it was decided that there should be under-30 office, where all the hip employees would “work”. It would have a real internet startup feel, and “work” would always be fun. Alan took offense, being on in years, so the office would have to be under-36. We’d all have web logs that said very similar things, and we’d read each other’s logs and talk about how cool they were. I imagine it would quickly turn into gossip and slander. Blogging would soon become Blander. Maybe the under-36 office will have to wait.

Here are their blogs:
Alan: http://cordle.info (only .info user I know)
Moira: http://musings.considereddesign.com/current/ (If blogging has an establishment, she’d be blue chip)