5 things I hate about magazines

I love magazines. Pictures, articles and more. But there are 5 (or more) things I can’t stand about them:

  1. Subscription cards – clearly I’ve already subscribed. And they force you to flip to some unimportant page. I tear them out first thing.
  2. Advertisements that contradict the ethos of the magazine. My sister gets Jane, and its full of them. But even National Geographic has plenty.
  3. Advertisements. I know you need to get paid, but how much? I’m already paying for a subscription…
  4. Paper – they’re such a big user of paper and petrol-based inks.
  5. The subscription department – do they ever get things right the first time?

I guess these are just all artifacts of the for-profit model. Is that why Adbusters is so much more enjoyable?

One thought on “5 things I hate about magazines”

  1. My favorite (sarcasm) ads are the ones for prescription drugs that have an add, then on the following pages list all the medical information for that drug. They take up 3-5 pages….stupid!

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