I hate Fox

I hate Fox Broadcasting. Not because of their editorialized news, which is actually en vogue to hate, but because they treat the few gems of sitcom like trash. Since the first season of the Simpsons, Fox is the only channel I’ve spent any measurable time watching. Much of my childhood, I wasn’t allowed to watch television. Something about a mother who owned a book store…

Anyway, I routinely watched the Simpsons for years, and since it was the only show I was allowed watch, I was frequently disappointed when it was displaced from its normal time slot by some crappy movie, some crappy reality show or some crappy sporting event. I even hated MLB when Fox started showing the world series because it coincided with the beginning of the (tv) season. I have a feeling that Fox did all the intentionally and maliciously, because they seemed to target only the shows I like.

Futurama got the axe, The Critic was cancelled, The Family Guy was also cancelled, then resigned (to be aired someday…) and when it became time for the Simpsons to die, they wouldn’t let it. Now, they’re dragging Arrested Development down too. It’s probably the best writing ever, and they’re denying the actors and writers the ability to grow and flourish. Ironically, it appears that its being crowded out by Family Guy, which Fox didn’t respect in the first place.

I realize this is something that is quite trivial. And since we can now buy the episodes of these great shows on DVD and not have to watch commercials, I’m starting to think that if Fox does kill Arrested Development, I may just have to give up on them. Finally. Like I should have done long ago.

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  1. Amen. We’ve all been thinking this for years. What do you think of Seinfeld, by the way? Matt likes Arrested Development a lot, but says he never really dug Seinfeld. I don’t see how you could like one and not the other. Writing-wise (not in the whole plot sense, but in terms of pace and everything coming back on itself and the tone) they’re extremely similar. I just ask because I started watching the Seinfeld DVDs recently after remembering how cool the show was when watched in order.

  2. Its seems like most networks are like that though. Anything that is good and not just mindless dribble get yanked from the air but all the other crap stays on forever….and ever. I kinda like not having the TV and just watching series shows on DVD. It makes it easier to pick and choose I guess. But then again if they are going to cancel a show there aren’t going to be more DVDs anyway. Any idea when AD season 2 comes out?

  3. I think television ratings essentially prove that I am completely separated from the majority of the nation “much like I seem to be from the majority that voted Bush.) The shows with some intellegence, the ones that the critics adore and the ones that actually try creativity and new concepts, are the least successful, a fact I just can’t grasp.

    Yet another doctor show can come on the air and be a number one rating crapfest. Or the “newest” reality tv show that in no way copies any other reality tv show is tops for the day. I personally think that the easiest job in America (especially for the money earned) would have to be a television executive. This is how I see a convesation going for a TV exec.
    Television Lacky: “Boss, I hear that the rival station is creating a boxing reality TV show”
    Television Exec: “Get me Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone on the phone now!”

    Is it truly that the American people want repetative crap crammed down their throat at the same time, same place each week? Or is it that the tv execs figure they don’t even have to try anymore? Who is to blame?

  4. People like my roomate are to blame. Every time I walk into the living room with no one there, fox news is on. So I turn off the TV, or change the channel. One day Goode mentioned that he likes leaving it on Fox so they get exaggerated ratings. Don’t know what he’s trying to prove? So your answer Matt is nobody is watching TV, they just leave it on when they do other stuff.

  5. All these things just add to my list of reasons why I stopped watching tv 3 years ago. Of course my Simpsons collection is increasing, but some how I am able to justify that one.

  6. You may want to reconsider giving up on Fox entirely. It is finally confirmed that Family Guy will re-premire on May 1st at 9:00pm followed by American Dad at 9:30pm. That would mean a block of TV consisting of Simpsons, Arrested Development, Family Guy, and American Dad. It could be glorious.

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