Bike Shop Exchange

This morning I stopped by a bike shop to pick up a new tube. Mine was busted. The owner was on his way to coffee as I stopped in. He asked what I wanted. I replied “a tube – mountain.”

He asked “Presta or Schrader?”

“preferably schrader” though I was wrong. My tubes are drilled for presta…

“ok, that’ll be $4.50”

“ugh – I only have a debit”

“sign…. I’m not running a card for this – just take it and bring the $4.50 when you have it”

“uh – ok.”

“at this bike shop we believe in karma. The thieves will get hit by a car eventually..’

“well, its more likely that they’ll hit a biker while fleaing, but….. never…(fades out in misunderstanding while getting in the car to go to the nearest ATM to leave $5 in his mail slot)…..”