Michelle starts work

Michelle just accepted a job with a local law firm. She’ll be starting work tomorrow morning. Woohoo!

6 thoughts on “Michelle starts work”

  1. You’ll have to give Michelle my congratulations. Which job did she accept?

    Also, thanks again for letting me crash at your place last weekend. Didn’t know if I told you my water pump died just north of Vancouver. Had to get my car toed to some tiny town, at least they fixed it by 4:30. I’ll need to get brewing soon, since I realized I owe you some beers after taking liberty with yours. It was excellent though!

  2. Congrats Michelle. And Andy, I think it is about time that you quit the ol’ job, put the schooling on hiatus, kicked back and poored yourself a cold one. You have earned it. Time to start mooching.

  3. I don’t think I could take it if you, Moira, and Flora all quit at the same time.

    But I am happy for Michelle.

  4. No Andy, it’s time that you keep working for just a little longer and up your computer arsenal. I know that dual G5 has been calling.
    “Andy… you neeeeeed me…..”
    On a related note, congrats Michelle, this is some kick-ass news. I was just about to photoshop you holding your law degree in a Taco Bell drive through window. Which would have been a lot sadder than a bachelors…

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