Utah’s claim to fame

utah and uranium
I’ve got an old puzzle map of the United States that has little pictures of the various natural resources of each state on them along with the state’s nickname. Most are pretty typical like Idaho and potato, Texas and oil, Virginia and tobacco. My favorite is Utah, which has a fireball looking picture that signifies uranium. Below the little picture is the proud claim “Used in Atom Bomb” which I guess dates the map pretty well.

It would be interesting to see how each state would present themselves now if they could choose something to label their state with. I can’t help but think of corporate sponsorships leading to a Starbucks or Windows logo on Washington. I hope we’d get a pint glass for Oregon.

One thought on “Utah’s claim to fame”

  1. I think of tobbacy as a NC more than a VA crop. I would put peanuts for VA. What did they use for the Carolinas and GA?

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