One Frozen Night

Last night I borrowed Hilly’s camera to shoot some night pictures of all the ice. With her tripod in hand, I wandered the streets looking for things that would look cool with the aid of an open shutter. I took a number of crappy shots, but managed to take some that I like as well.

Finally, cold and tired, I started walking home. Just shy I slipped and fell. I’d been holding the tripod away from me so if I did slip, it would remain upright. Sadly, we were on a hill, and shortly after I hit the ground, the tripod tipped and the camera came crashing down as well. A quick inspection made it look as if only the lens cover had been chipped. The camera worked, so I was able to sleep some. When I looked at it again in the morning I noticed a rather nasty crack in the body with the plastic bent into the camera. Damn. With any luck she can get just the plastic body piece replaced. Otherwise I’ll be camera shopping soon.

2 thoughts on “One Frozen Night”

  1. Ohhhh, that sucks!!! So sorry to hear that, cameras are expensive. Good luck getting it fixed.

  2. Sorry to hear about the fall. Fun pictures. I really loved the Ponderosa shot. It looked like fireworks-really great. Hope the camera is ok.

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