The Ice Storm

Icy walkway

We’ve had a work-closing ice storm in Portland. Well, freezing rain anyway. We’ve developed nearly half an inch of solid ice on top of the streets and cars. Its been excellent as many businesses have closed so there is little going on.

Normally this would be fine, but we had errands to run, and Hilary was kind enough to brave the roads and come pick me up so we could do some shopping. The big score of the day was a vacuum sealer, but details on that are on rooftop brew.

The real joy of the day was driving in winter conditions. I love snow and ice, and Hilly’s Toyota all-wheel-drive wagon (with studded tires) performs admirably on ice. She let me drive and I had a blast. I even did an almost perfectly executed fishtail into a 180 to park the car.

One of my favorite things is to humble SUV drivers. Especially when we’re in a small wagon. Slowpokes. We did help a young fellow from Ethiopia or Eritrea who slid off the road into a mechanic lot full of cars.. He was probably new to ice, but seemed rather happy to be back on the road and on his way home. We also tried to help someone in an IROC Z-28 who was flooring it trying to get up a hill. By the time we finally got to the car, which sounded like an alien being dissected, got some traction and started moving forward. I love winter. And I love these inept drivers.

2 thoughts on “The Ice Storm”

  1. The problem is when you’re the good driver and the inept driver hits you, as happened to me Christmas Eve a few years ago, totaling my car. I’d rather just not drive amongst the inept.

  2. It just amazes me how many inept drivers there are out on the west coast. I guess learning to drive in Michigan, where we always had snow in winter and lots a freezing rain really helped hone my skills.

    Though, with the ice yesterday there was no way of getting the car out of the driveway without sliding into the neighbors garage across the road, so I stayed in. Gotta know when to hold em I gess.

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