First Post – circa 1901

First Post - 1901

I got an e-mail from Friendster begging me to see what’s changed and generate advertising revenue for them and they used a rather brilliant hook by using examples of updates by friends in my network to lure me in.

I logged in and found very little different other than more surface area dedicated to ads. But I did notice that on my testimony to another friend, the date on which I posted the comment was way back in December of 1901. First Post!

Looks like there might be some Y2K issues? Or maybe they’re using old clamshell ibooks to host the site? My sister’s first generation iBook had logicboard problems and the clock was always resetting to Jan 01 of 1901. Bizarre.

Still, I’m going to keep the image and use it for nerd-clout. “Why I was using the internet back before it existed.”

3 thoughts on “First Post – circa 1901”

  1. Friendster didn’t even exist in 2001 – did it?

    I got that email as well… checked it out and found nothing new. There’s now a place to add your rss link to your profile, which I did, but I saw no change.

    Eh. Whatever.

    Friendster was a great idea, but they didn’t develop it fast enough.

  2. “Nerd Clout” thats funny. Do nerds have clout? Do they meet in small nerd circles and decide amongst themselves, or is their nerdom just known, just by looking at them? Interesting stuff.

  3. I’m guessing that who ever came up with the name “Friendster” was a king nerd, with some serious clout.

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