Yoda struts its stuff

Why, when I have new struts, suspension, linkages and a rebuilt power steering cylinder and I’m driving over a windy hilly road, do I have to get behind a Volkswagen beetle with Jesus fish?

Anyway – the Yoda now has it together again and drives like the ELUV (egg-like utility vehicle) that it is. Typical though – We get a little money and the first thing we do is blow it on much needed car repairs.

Its kind of weird though – there has been play in the steering for nearly 5 years. Now it does what its supposed to. I’ll have to get used to not having an inch or two of float on each side. Oh, and the shocks react differently.

One thought on “Yoda struts its stuff”

  1. dear god…a volkswaggon…but why…why!!!…we understand…we’ve been waiting for a tow truck for several hours for ours to get fixed…despite the fact that it had nothing to do with the snow nor the fact that we were prepared and called…not one…but almost four hours ago.

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