Cheney visits PDX

Vice President Cheney visited Portland briefly to raise funds for local GOP candidates. His rather windy speech included some very poignant and appropriate words:

“What this President has accomplished in three-and-a-half years is remarkable, but the danger has not passed. The threat remains…”

I’m sure I’ve taken his words out of context. What he’s accomplished is the danger. What he could do is the threat.

Sadly, the wording of the questions in the Q&A session that followed the speech were so tightly crafted that they’re nearly impossible to make fun of. The only truly funny part is when the VP answers a question about the No Child Left Behind Act and how it “harkens back to the President’s experience in Texas.”

What a gem of a corporate fraud reference – Harken … President … Texas. Did some speech writer have a freudian slip, or were they so exhausted after writing both the questions and responses for the event?