Michelle take the Bar

Michelle just left for her 2 day Bar exam extravaganza. She’ll be done on Wednesday night, at which point she’ll finally be done with all this law school stuff. Preperation for the bar was intense, and she’s been spending 10-15 hours a day studying for the last couple weeks.

Its hard to console a person when you’ve got little idea what they’re up against. So I’ve wished her luck and health, as have many of our friends and family. Including one who felt it was important to point out that her friend failed the Oregon Bar exam 3 times before finally passing. I told Michelle this tidbit, figuring it was kind of funny in the non-inspiring kind of way. She looked like she was trying to chuckle and not vomit at the same time.

6 thoughts on “Michelle take the Bar”

  1. All I can think of is Blazing Saddles when Taggart says “God dammit, Mr. Lamarr sir, you use your tongue purdier than a twenny dollar whore!”

  2. I guess it’s a good thing that she is not going to be home until after the ordeal is over with,I’d hate to think of what other words of comfort you’d give her. Susi

  3. I stayed with my lawyer cousin in N.O. and saw my lawyer sister and bro-in-law as well. All claimed the bar was easy. “It’s just memorization.” My cuz says he thinks people who don’t attend law school could pass it if they memorized the right stuff. I don’t know; it’s been awhile since I had to take a test.

  4. You should tell her how, even after finishing the bar, finding a job is extremely difficult and competitive. She might have to apply at hundreds of different places just to find mediocre employment. That should make her feel great.

  5. I had read that people who had not gone to law school, but who took the summer bar review course, did almost as well on the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam as did the law school graduates.

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