Estacada Cliff Diving

A sizable entourage from up north (Matt, Sadie, Ben, Troy, Justin, and Goode) made their way down to Portland to see the Oregon Brewer’s Festival. There was plenty of time in the schedule this morning for another activity, and the general consensus was that it needed to include swimming. This is a tall order for Portland, with very few watering holes you’d want to immerse yourself in. Luckily, the internet is awesome, and we found a cliff-diving site that suggested a place outside Estacada.

We piled into the cars, brought the doggies, and drove for 45 minutes. We found the place quickly and easily, and tried out the water – it was perfect. Just cold enough to be refreshing, but not too cold to keep you out. We tried a few different spots, Barley played lifeguard, and generally enjoyed the small spot. Troy and I both braved the 40′ (according to the site), and we would have spent some time on the rope swing (they had everything!), but the larger group of high school kids weren’t worth dealing with. Now we’re refreshed, showered, fed, and ready for OBF.