Michelle, Barley and I went to Manzanita yesterday to relax on the beach. The public beach is quite nice, and you don’t have to pay the day use permits like at State Parks. Plus, no one is checking to make sure dogface is on a leash.

The town seems to have changed quite a bit since last year. There are several new businesses, some missing, and it seems to have fallen to the Portland crowd. This is too bad, because previously we thought we could afford a place here. Shame.

Barley had a blast in the water. He always does. He was less enthusiastic about sitting in the sand while we read, but he’d had plenty of fun.

The water was cold – too cold to bother putting on a swimsuit. Michelle just avoided the water and I waded out to throw Roo’s ball for him. Its actually a tennis-ball like ring, but we call all his toys “ball” to avoid confusing him. He’s not dull or anything, we just keep some things simple.

Now that the Bar is over, we’re hoping to enjoy summer a bit more.

3 thoughts on “Decompression”

  1. There’s no one checking but your conscience.

    I’m still hoping to buy our beach place in Nehalem Bay.

  2. Dunno – Maybe my Lat Longs are too close. I’ll have to present my case for being “West Portland.”

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