Crystal Lite Culture

I left my nalgene bottle with a little bit of crystal lite peach tea in it over the weekend. When I returned to work this morning, there were several floating colonies in it. How the heck does mold grow in a liquid with almost no calories? Is the artificial sweetener so good that the mold thinks that its real sugar? Should I wash my bottle more often? Maybe running the bottle under the Hot Tap doesn’t really qualify as cleaning.

2 thoughts on “Crystal Lite Culture”

  1. If Hot Tap water does not really qualify as cleaning, then I have been doing things all wrong for years. What about drinking filtered water? If you drink it quickly, it is okay to put the glass back on the shelf, right? (So long as I omit the lipstick that day)

  2. See – that’s what I thought too – if you’re only drinking water from a vessel, there’s no need to wash.

    I guess the hot tap doesn’t work because its not boiling, so you’re just encouraging those few deadly strains of bacteria that can live up to 199ºF to continue living and prosper.

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