Internet Explorer 5 for Solaris

While looking at CSS quirks in IE, I somehow googled across an IE for Solaris discussion. The concept intrigued me – mostly out of the irony of the product. After some digging, I found the Microsoft is no longer developing or distributing the program, but I found an archived copy.

Installation was really simple, and the command line script asked if I wanted to make IE my default browser. Uh… no. Then it asked if I wanted to install Outlook Express for reading e-mail. Again – no. Amazingly, it allowed me to install and run without ever using root.

After installation, I fired it up, got the standard EULA, accepted the terms, and IE promptly died. I messed with the files and tried starting it with different parameters, then gave up. Who really uses a GUI with Solaris anyway?

IE 5 for Solaris

Well, to try out our new network, I fired up WinaXe and connected to Solaris. I clicked the internet globe icon and IE started. So I went to my homepage. I didn’t think about checking to see how the design looked in IE5 for Solaris, but here it is – nearly identical to IE for windows. I almost have to give them credit for consistency.

rooftop in IE5 for solaris