WebVisions 2004

I was fortunate to attend this year’s WebVisions conference with a couple other coworkers. Most of the presentations were good, and some were great. Anil Dash told us not to be ashamed of blogging, and that he too hates that word. Jason Fried shared a few brilliant yet simple tips for interface design followed by a few examples of really bad error pages from commercial sites. I really would like to meet the person who created the double-clicked error page.

It was quite nice to see such a plethora of mac users at the conference. Some using keynote, other using powerpoint, and one with a dock icon that bounced anxiously until the speaker explicitly told the application that he didn’t want to update to the latest version just yet. It would have been interesting to have used a Rendezvous enabled application open at the event to see who stumbled upon you. Something akin to a million monkeys and their typewriters – a million mac users using SubEthaEdit to pen a classic. Being mac users, you could at least expect something intelligible.