Las Vegas

Ash trays on urinals, broken glass, vomit and call girl cards on the sidewalk. Electrical fires, rashes, antiquing, and a complete disregard for thermodynamics. Yes, I’m back from Las Vegas. Having finally been there, I still think Vegas sucks, but I had a great time thanks in large part to the group. I went on a tight budget, which I highly recommend against. I also learned several lessons, some of which I’m not entitled to divulge. So here’s a benign one: The water in Vegas is disgusting. Its no wonder alcohol is such a big deal. Well, if you’re thirsty, you can melt ice from the hotel’s ice machine. Its filtered again before the ice is made, and is much more drinkable. Its important to guard your precious fluids in Vegas.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas”

  1. If it weren’t for the complete lack of recycling, poor efficiancy (all the damn lights), mass groups of people, garbage, crappy water, solicitation, and all the crazy people Vegas wouldn’t suck….ok it would but I still had one hell of a fun time! Thanks for coming Andy, and everyone else.

  2. We were in vegas? I was wondering why when I woke up on Tuesday I felt hung-over, I was tan, and my shorts smelled like a fish factory.

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