Oh – negative

I was asked to donate blood for Spring Break weekend because I’m O-. I went in knowing that with my plans this weekend, at least one blood transfusion may be necessary for the group. Plus, I was in a good mood when they called, and they haven’t been hounding me.

Checking in went fine, but when the actual puncture happened, the technician bruised my arm, causing it to immediately swell. He informed me that the problem with bruising is that the plateletes all rush to the bruise and can clog the line. Well, after several needle adjustments, a hot pack, and a 98% full pouch, the flow had completely stopped. The donation won’t be usable for emergencies, but it can be used in the lab.

Sadly, my arm hurts quite a bit, and its mostly immobile. I hope I can gain full use of my arm, for, you know, causing trouble.

4 thoughts on “Oh – negative”

  1. why can’t they use it for emergencies? is it from all the extra plateletes or something?

  2. Because I didn’t fill the bag or any of the sample tubes. So they can’t test me for germs, or super powers.

  3. I commend your bravery on going to donate in the first place, still something I haven’t done that yet, kinda ironic considering I most likely will need a transfusion sometime. On the up side you won’t be needing that arm in Vegas, I believe your supposed to keep your hands at your side the whole time.

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