Last night I finally clipped Layla and Boots’s wings. Clipping their wings actually means you trim the ends of the primary flight feathers, the long ones at the end. You only clip on one sides so they don’t have adequate balance to fly.

I’ve been putting it off for some time, simply because I didn’t want to clip until it was necessary. I’ve read about it several times, even watched some YouTube videos. Well, it took less than a minute for each chicken. Most of the time was spent just picking them up and getting them comfortable. The clipping took only a few seconds, then they were off to eat some scratch.

Hopefully that’ll help keep poop off of everything. And flies.

2 thoughts on “Clipped”

  1. I’ve done my share of clipping wings while working at one of those box pet stores. Amazing how little you actually clip of just a single feather – keeps them from flying.

  2. Hey, Andy! I found your site while I was typing my name in on Google (which I do every now and then to see if any of my students are trying to create a myspace for me). I saw a link to some of the pictures I took on the Oregon Coast 50 miler, so I had to check out your site. Send me an email and we can get caught up. We’re up in Cowiche. –Matt Emhoff

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